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About Us

Coastal Climate Action began as a loose grouping of people living in the coastal area, from Ilfracombe round to Croyde, (North Devon, UK), who wanted to raise awareness of the challenge of climate change, and to explore more environmentally-friendly ways of living.

Sadly, as is often the way, the group died the grim death of other commitments.

So, now updated and revamped to at least keep the flame burning and provide a resource for further information and resources for those interested in the impact of climate change. Those wondering what they themselves can do about. Interested in a more sustainable way of living and creating an alternative future for our children and our descendants to come.

With luck and effort the site will become redundant within my life time, and of course for the right reasons. Meanwhile I shall continue to develop and enlarge it with what time I can muster.


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Climate Change
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