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Hiring and Building a Business in the Green Technology Sector

Back in the late 70s, President Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the White House to symbolize the government's commitment to developing alternative forms of energy. Sadly, the next administration to come in took those panels right down.

Today, you'll find solar panels back on the White House roof. It's another sign that our nation is becoming serious about finding eco-friendly options when it comes to conducting business.

The green technology sector represents two distinct areas: development and implementation. Both of those areas need very specific types of recruits. Is your applicant tracking software up to the task of finding and managing these new hires?

On the implementation side of the green technology sector, you'll find many businesses are looking to revamp their facilities to comply with this new approach to saving energy.

This could mean anything from simple weatherising to installing energy efficient light fixtures to putting up a solar panel system. Obviously, these aren't DIY projects that the current employees can tackle on their lunch breaks. Instead they will require specialized companies who can handle the assignments.

As more of this work becomes available it will be those specialized companies that will need to those qualified workers. If you can build up a database of experienced technicians, installers and general contractors who specialized in green technology then you'll be ahead of the game.

In order to accomplish that your applicant tracking software program should be adaptable to different filing options. You'll want to be able to sort through the resumes that will be coming your way into separate categories.

You could group these by level of experience and expertise versus training and certification. Whichever format you select your software should rise to the occasion by providing quick access without the need for a lot of intense user training.

On the development side of green technology, there are many new companies springing up who will be looking for the best and brightest when it comes to research.

This is where your recruiting process might take you back to college. As new graduates enter into the job market, your firm should be standing at the ready to collect their resumes.

These new graduates might be low on practical experience, but they will certainly be up on all the latest advances in green technology. These are the folks who can make a difference and there will be plenty of firms lining up to meet with them. If you can become the 'go between' then you will have proven your value as a recruitment manager.

A good applicant tracking program isn't just about accepting and filing resumes, but it should also help respond to applications. A well worded 'thank you' response that can be sent out as an auto response can go a long way towards improving your standing in the recruitment field. The program should also help you disseminate the best posting sites available for your listings.

Green technology is what we'll all be buzzing about for years to come. Are you ready to join in?

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