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Green Technology is Future Technology

In the last few months newspapers have been filled with stories about new green tech gadgets and inventions, companies going for green solutions and green power sources.

Most of the attention was grabbed by Facebook in the last month's campaign of going green under the pressure of Greenpeace. Today the spotlight grabs something much smaller, a small step towards a clean environment, a solar keyboard.

Although the first report I read in the newspaper criticized the fact that this is 20 years too late as we had solar calculators in the 80's and that solar keyboards should have been invented a long time ago I say better late than never.

Currently there are only two manufacturers offering solar keyboards. Logitech offers a standalone solar keyboard and now there is Taiwan's AU Optronics with a solar keyboard that will be integrated into new generation notebooks.

Both of these products grabbed the attention of the tech world as they represent the green movement in the IT industry, which is something we have been waiting for a long time.

Au Optronics also hinted a project involving clean energy batteries, what is that about and how they plan to do that is still a mystery. Maybe it's like the Cola powered cell phone, but I hope it's not. Cola is too expensive to be used as a battery, and it's not that healthy either.

A small step like these grab the attention of the world, soon we will be hearing about bigger things going green and relying on clean energy. The ultimate goal, green technology around the world, but we are still behind on that idea as some companies simply don't have the funds to go green and the investments into green technology are still lacking. I say, today a solar keyboard, tomorrow a solar aircraft, so hurray for Logitech and Au Optronics.

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