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What is a Green Business?

The phrase 'green business' is usually used to refer to companies or ventures that are environmentally sound. During the onset of the 21st century, many firms started capitalizing on the ever-growing desire of consumers to be more environmentally friendly and responsible.

Many businesses are now made sustainable through green practices. There are numerous entrepreneurs (called ecopreneurs) who operate businesses in a green slant. It is not surprising that these days, green businesses have become extremely profitable. They comprise of a range of various companies that strive to be more environmentally responsible in their operations and practices.

For a firm to be considered a green business, it must adopt and use practices that could be viewed as environmentally friendly and sustainable. Such practices could include the use of natural and organic products in building factories, a more environmentally responsible sourcing of materials and supplies, and stricter protection against carbon and greenhouse emissions.

For instance, a clothing business could turn green by sourcing out organic cotton supplies. A mall could use renewable energy sources like solar power. A consumer products maker could opt to manufacture and market 'green products.'

The main goal of any green business is of course to keep the environmental footprint minimal. It should strive to reduce waste and reuse materials that could be recycled or re-used. Many businesses now decide to use innovative building designs and techniques that are specifically for promoting energy efficiency.

A green business should always opt to use building materials that do not harm nature like panels fabricated using recycled materials. It should also effectively encourage its workers to think more about the environment especially when generating printed materials and thinking about new products.

Ideally, a green business could sell different things. Numerous car manufacturers, for instance, launch green model facilities to convince consumers that they are also concerned about our environment. Green companies offer green products, like green architecture, composting toilets, and simple solar panels.

In many cases, when a business is offering environment friendly products. Most consumers assume that such firms are environmentally responsible.

Success of green businesses shows that they are economically feasible. Being green is now considered as a sensible way of doing a business that is sustainable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The rise of such companies has encouraged the proliferation of efforts that are designed to benefit mainly the environment. Many governments now implement initiatives and incentives to persuade businesses to go green like tax breaks and carbon trading structures.

Overall consumers like the idea of companies going green. A green business would surely not lose. That is because there is a rising number of consumers who take environmental advocacies. They would surely patronize and prioritise green companies over other firms that operate traditionally and in polluting ways.

Moreover, green businesses are the more popular trend these days. It is not surprising that more and more firms, both minor and major, are starting to really go more environmentally conscious and responsible.

About the Author:

David Tatham has been working in the art world for over twenty five years and . His website contains a wealth of information, also many signed, limited edition prints and original works of art by world famous artists,eg. The conservationist and wildlife artist, David Shepherd .

By David Tatham


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