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Renewable Energy of Sri Lanka

The future of the renewable energy of Sri Lanka. The fossil fuel reservoirs under the continents are fast running out. We are now searching deep in to the ocean bed for fuel oil. Coal, natural gas resources are also almost spent. With everyday progression of technology, we are in need of more and more power sources and the Storages are running out faster. Within next 50-100 years, most of the conventional fuels Sources will be fully empty. Mankin ..
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Global Warming: Is The Bush II Government Pursuing A Policy Of Genocide By Proxy?

The legendary Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) once said: 'The earth has enough for the needs of all but not the greed of a few.' His words have since proved to be quite prophetic! The world today is in chaos and by that I'm not merely referring to the tumult taking place in the Middle East; what I'm talking about is the imminent extinction of hundreds of millions of people as a result of global warming. In both scenarios the Un ..
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How to Start a Green Business

Indeed, 'going green' is the big news anywhere these days. You can see it in people's faces; feel the excitement in the air. Yet everyone seems to have a hard time buying into the idea. To attract more prospects, most of today's successful green companies are focusing on other great benefits they can provide to their clients. You should too. This article will provide a great insight on how to start a green business. But before I go into the detai ..
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