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Benefits and Drawbacks of Biomass Boilers

With oil and gas supplies only being given a 45 and 65 year lifespan by researchers, our fossil fuels are in danger of disappearing very quickly. Therefore, there is a constant need to find an alternative energy source and advancements have been made when it comes to utilizing other sources of fuel. One such source is biomass, an energy created from the burning of biological materials, primarily plants and biodegradable waste. This can power heat ..
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How to Use the Cores Heat With Geothermal Energy

Have you ever seen a geyser or hot spring eject millions of gallons of boiling water and hot steam upwards into the earth's atmosphere. There's an enormous amount of energy beneath our feet, in the core of the earth, and tapping into this free energy source is known as Geothermal Energy. The actual word geothermal comes from the combination of the Greek words, geo (meaning earth) and therme (meaning heat). So the literal translation is 'heat from ..
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Tidal Energy - Utilizing the Immense Power of the Oceans

Although it might seem like the stuff of science fiction, the tremendous power of the oceanic tides has been utilized by mankind for many years. The rise and fall of the tides is the result of the gravitational pull exerted on the earth by both the moon and the sun. These regular daily movements can be 'captured', and the resulting kinetic movement converted into electrical energy. The predictability of these tidal swells - causing two daily high ..
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Wave Energy - Harnessing the Incredible Power of the Ocean Waves

Being as our planet has almost three-quarters of it covered with water, it should come as no surprise that the continual exploration for a real, viable and clean form of alternative energy should turn to the seas. Ocean wave power, more commonly known as Wave Energy, along with tidal energy and also hydro power have been used by man over the millennia. But now, with rapidly advancing technology, we have far more advantageous ways of harnessing, s ..
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Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change

Climate change is said to be occurring as a result of the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases originate from natural and human-produced sources. The major greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, methane, and nitrogen oxides. Plants and waterways, particularly rainforests and oceans, are natural sponges to absorb and process atmospheric carbon dioxide. The oceans absorb the bulk of ..
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GreenCellTechnologies: The Garnaut Climate Change Review - The Australian Economy

The Australian economy and the challenge of climate change Australia has a larger interest in a strong mitigation outcome than other developed countries. We are already a hot and dry country; small variations in climate are more damaging to us than to other developed countries. We live in a region of developing countries, which are in weaker positions to adapt to climate change than wealthy countries with robust political and economic institution ..
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