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Volcanic Eruptions May Cause Climat Variations

It has long been known that volcanic activity can cause short-term variations in climate. Now, researchers at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (Germany), together with colleagues from Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) have found evidence that the reverse process also occurs: Climate affects volcanic activity. Their study is now online in the international journal Geology. In 1991, it was a disaster for the vill ..
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Harnessing the Sun's Power Through Solar Panels

What Are Solar Panels? The world is about a revolution. Not the violent kind but the one that is good for the environment and the one that does not kill people. Alternative energy sources are on the upswing. Wind, geothermal and solar power has been used for the last 50-60 years but it's just now that people are taking notice. Solar power has been used before on a small scale only because the materials were expensive and technology was limited. T ..
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Solar Energy, It'S All Under The Sun

How Does Solar Energy Work? Solar energy is the oldest energy source in the planet and of the solar system. It has been used by all living organism since the beginning of life in our planet. Humans has harnessed the sun's energy centuries ago from using a simple magnifying glass to make a beam of heat to make fires, but it's just recently that people learned and fully understand the potential of this type of energy. Solar power today is one of th ..
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Global Warming Science

The latest in global warming science, global warming information, and strategies for reducing global warming are presented. This article was adapted from my website (link below). I present the latest global warming information by summarizing major points from the latest book of one of the most well-respected climate scientists in the world, James Hansen of NASA. His book, 'Storms of my Grandchildren' tackles the complex subject of global warming ..
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What On Earth Is Green Technology?

To decide the meaning, green technology remains to be safe and secure for the environment and we must not fear to utilize it. Some refer to it as nature-friendly technology due to its goal, which is to sustain Earth. Other folks would certainly refer to it as thoroughly clean technology because it's a type of technology that attempts to thoroughly clean the planet. Whatsoever its name is, there isn't any doubt that this will aid our world a lot. ..
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Understanding Global Warming and Its Effects

By now you have most probably heard of the term global warming. You may have heard it in the news or read about it in magazines that are published for the environmentally conscious. The bottom line is that global warming is here with us and people all over the world are talking about it. Global warming is essentially the way the global temperatures are increasing at a rapid rate. There are various factors that could cause the temperatures of the ..
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