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The Harsh Reality of Climate Change

When the World Bank recently stated that Climate Change is a real imminent threat to the peace of the world has to be a wake up call to all those Republican climate change deniers. Heaven forbid we should shutter the fact that oil profits could suffer. But, like Scrooge himself stated if the multitudes suffer and die so-be-it and decrease the surplus population is the mindset of too many of the powers that be. The real scary thought though is tha ..
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Human-Caused Climate Change Signal Emerges From the Noise

The team looked at geographical patterns of atmospheric temperature change over the period of satellite observations. The team's goal of the study was to determine whether previous findings of a 'discernible human influence' on tropospheric and stratospheric temperature were sensitive to current uncertainties in climate models and satellite data. The troposphere is the lowest portion of earth's atmosphere. The stratosphere sits just above the tro ..
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Earth Science and Climate Change Meeting 2013

The OMICS Conference on Earth Science and Climate change is a global event for gathering experts in the field of climate and earth sciences, in addition to the relevant environmental experts. The OMICS Group aims at dispersion of knowledge in the concerned domain that takes into account geographical factors and the earths terrain. OMICS invites abstracts from renowned speakers with a track record of presenting over 200 research papers, to speak a ..
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Australia Renewable Energy Fund Set to Invest in Solar Biofuels

Australia's A$200 million ($196 million) renewable energy venture capital fund is set to unveil its first two investments in the solar and biofuels industries by the end of September. Southern Cross Venture Partners, named manager of the fund by the Australian government in December, plans to invest in three or four companies by the end of 2012, Mark Bonnar, investment director of the company, said in an interview yesterday in Sydney. 'Southern C ..
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Renewable Energy of Sri Lanka

The future of the renewable energy of Sri Lanka. The fossil fuel reservoirs under the continents are fast running out. We are now searching deep in to the ocean bed for fuel oil. Coal, natural gas resources are also almost spent. With everyday progression of technology, we are in need of more and more power sources and the Storages are running out faster. Within next 50-100 years, most of the conventional fuels Sources will be fully empty. Mankin ..
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Rio +20 - Environmental Earth Summit Update

It's been almost twenty years since global leaders met at the 1992 Earth Summit Rio de Janiero. It was an event that captured the interest of the world as it created sustainable waves of interest in environmental governance. For a lot of environmentalists the original Earth Summit began the global movement that, since that time has been focusing on environmental degradation. Several major international agreements concerning sustainable developmen ..
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