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What Is Renewable Energy?

Sources of supply that are environmentally friendly. This does not mean they do not cause negative effects on the environment, but they are infinitely less when compared to the environmental impacts of conventional energy (fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal, nuclear energy, etc..) And they are almost always reversible. According to a study on 'Environmental Impacts of Electricity Production' environmental impact on the generation of electricity from ..
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Global Warming: Is The Bush II Government Pursuing A Policy Of Genocide By Proxy?

The legendary Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) once said: 'The earth has enough for the needs of all but not the greed of a few.' His words have since proved to be quite prophetic! The world today is in chaos and by that I'm not merely referring to the tumult taking place in the Middle East; what I'm talking about is the imminent extinction of hundreds of millions of people as a result of global warming. In both scenarios the Un ..
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