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The Cold, Hard Truth of a Change in Temperature

Hands up if you're a fan of winter. Do you enjoy snowball fights and sledging, wrapping up warm and drinking mugs of hot chocolate. All of these are attractive ideas that make winter extremely enjoyable. However, consider the flip side; shorter days, darker nights and miserable weather, all of which can make the journey to work a nightmare and ruin plans in an instant. Winter is a season which comes around annually and whether you love or hate it ..
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Our Changing Climate

Climate change appears in the news regularly and there is good reason behind the appearances as rising temperatures are plunging us into an eventual extinction of all species on our planet. Cause of climate change and global warming are well documented as increasing populations require places to live and cars to drive. More cars mean more greenhouse gases in our environment and as more homes are built natural habitats are destroyed to make room f ..
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Scientists Continued to Study the Link Between Climate and Gray Snapper

Their latest study projects that one common coastal species found in the southeast U.S., gray snapper, will shift northwards in response to warming coastal waters. In a study published online December 20 in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) and the University of North Florida developed projections of gray snapper distribution under several climate change scenarios. Gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus ..
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Effects of Global Warming on Health

A report of the effects of global warming on health published by WHO, has estimated around one million fifty thousand deaths every year due to global warming. Further it declared that each year five million people are suffering from health problems and diseases caused for this global warming. The rising concern over this matter has led many scientists and researchers to take a deeper look and prepare a plan to save human civilization from this on ..
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The Effects Of Global Warming

Global Since the late 1800's, the global average temperature has increased. Climatologists (scientists who study climate) have analysed the global warming that has occurred since the late 1800's. Human activities contribute to global warming by enhancing Earth's natural greenhouse effect. The main human activities that contribute to global warming are the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and the clearing of land. They say tha ..
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Global Warming

Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it makes our planet a habitable place. But certain gases are causing the temperature of earth rising. It is the most serious environmental crisis that world is facing today. Carbon dioxide is identified as the main cause of global warming. The changes in climates occurring the world over are attributed to ..
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Climate Change And Agriculture in Semi Arid Regions of India

Background: Climate Change (CC) is the among the most important global environment concerns. CC is having significant impacts on the most vulnerable communities. Considering characteristics, agriculture can be considered as one of the most affected sector and thus most vulnerable to climate change. Susceptibility and sensitivity of agriculture to the variance of the climatic parameters is responsible for the fact. Agriculture having the significa ..
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RDF and Green Technologies

The world as we know it is starting to become a dark planet. Pollution is becoming worse and worse with each passing year and the garbage that are ruining our lands are piling up more and more due to the tons of garbage being produced all over the world. The usual waste management procedures are no longer applicable with what is happening all over the world, recycling is not enough to lessen the garbage in dumpsites and incineration is not a appl ..
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Facts and Figures Point To the Demise of the World's Clean Water

Even if you've heard a lot about the water pollution crisis that's facing the world, there are probably a lot of facts you don't know that would help you realize just how dire the situation is. Only 3% of the water on the globe is fresh water, even though water covers about 70% of the Earth's surface, and every year people worldwide dump the largest part of 400 billion tons of waste products into what we do have. If something isn't done about thi ..
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World Environment Day - Is There Any Hope for the Yamuna?

The present state of the Yamuna River from Delhi to Agra, a distance of roughly 250 km, is alarming. Described now as a huge sewage canal, Yamuna water is unfit for human consumption. It cannot even support bacteria or aquatic life. Yamuna finds mention in the Rig Veda. The founder of the Mughal dynasty, Babar, was lyrical about the quality of Yamuna water. It was Yamuna water that compelled Shah Jahan to build his dream monument the Taj Mahal al ..
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How Dysfunctional Inundation Management Designs Triggerred Devastation

So as to correct the huge floods which tormented their sections for 2 successive years, a county inside the state of Chicago thought to make a board to generate a flood control program which could at last cope with this condition. Said committee was made up of lawyers and political figures who developed the excellent strategy to have small basins outside of each and every home to catch rain water that water ways and ponds is unable to hold. Profe ..
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Effects of climate change on owls in South Africa

Owl's House is concerned about how our environment will affect owls in southern Africa. After doing some research we found that the owl - like many other bird species - faces a variety of challenges to maintain its current numbers. These birds of prey play vitally important roles in the preservation of our ecosystems and biodiversity. The high and intermediate conservation priority owl species currently include the African Grass Owl Tyto capensis ..
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