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Saving On Energy Consumption

Energy Saving Tips Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming, yet over a quarter of all UK CO2 emissions come directly from energy used in our homes. You can reduce your carbon emissions as well as save up to @300 per year simply by cutting back on your energy consumption at home. Here are some household energy saving tips to help you reduce your energy consumption: Switching off Appliances When something is not in use, make sure it is ..
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How To Revitalize And Clean Up Local Parks Using Recycled Park Benches

Local parks have long been integral to communities all across the country. Residents view them as safe havens where kids can play, dogs can run, and families can simply relax and enjoy the outdoors. But after years of wear and tear, the equipment at area parks can really take a beating. Unfortunately, when parks begin to fall into disrepair, people stop coming - leaving a desolate space for cities to deal with. What can cities do to breathe new l ..
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What Renewable Fuels Are and Their Effects on the Environment

With the increasing negative impacts of global warming on us and the fast consumption and depletion of non-renewable sources of fuels (natural gas, propane, petroleum, fossil fuels, etc.), many companies and industries have looked into or have already resorted into using alternative fuel sources such as the renewable fuels. But what are renewable fuels? Why are they considered as substitutes for non-renewable fuel sources? Renewable fuels come fr ..
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Recycling Plastic Bags - Easy Tips To Get Proactive

Recycling plastic bags is most likely among the easiest ways we are able to help the environment stay clean. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle may be the contemporary catch phrase used to encourage more folks to consider the environment and how they use every day items. Probably the other word owned by this group is re-educate, since the message can be a little slow to effect on people. Most people would quote the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in the event ..
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Make an Eco-Friendly House For Yourself

An eco-friendly home is a home, which uses very less materials that may harm to our environmental. Make an eco-friendly home is a good practice to everyone since the world is discussing on environmental friendly topic most of the time. Making an eco-friendly home is not only to make your home green, but it is also make your house has a better selling value. Some of us may think that it is not easy to make a green home and it will need a lot of in ..
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Ideas For Building An Eco Friendly Home

People are becoming more and more interested in how to build an eco friendly home. Various models have been invented, some of which have been so unique that there is very little interest in owning them. While they can be fantastic at minimizing their impact on the world around them, making their home eco friendly and attractive is usually much higher on a home builder's priority list. When you are committed to keeping your home eco friendly durin ..
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Avoiding The Common Mistakes When Shopping For Your Eco Friendly Products

When you decide to try your hand at going green and buy eco friendly home products, there are some common mistakes you must avoid at all costs. The bad thing about going green getting so popular is that you always have those items that can fool you into thinking that they are eco friendly products, when in fact they aren't. Knowing how to distinguish the difference is essential to making sure your going green isn't going sour. The first common mi ..
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ECO Friendly Products

The "going green" movement is taking a brand new and refreshing turn. However there are some merchandise out there that you wouldn't assume may very well be green. It's great to see so many individuals stretching the concept of green residing to different areas of life. 1) Eco-friendly textile coffins: Who knew that eco-friendly residing might be utilized even when you're not living. There's a new trend emerging and it is green coffins. ..
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